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Not clever title, Mostly an art blog, half a general blog, sfw except for the occasional swear word. pg-13 at worst i suppose! about me: i draw a lot, do some crafting (knit/crochet.
Neuroscience, Filed under seasonal affective disorder sad raphe nuclei serotonin melatonin neuroscience science. 161 notes. may 15, 2015 carrot or stick? punishments may guide.
It' title, ' appellation., wallis simpson, Wallis simpson (work in progress) bessie wallis warfield was born in 1896 (or possibly earlier, records are scarce and there are all kinds of theories about her.

Old High Gallifreyan Language
Old High Gallifreyan Language | Read Sources

The vintage thimble - tumblr, 18th century woman’s hairstyles a collection of 18th century paintings from france & england, depicting some of the hairstyles of the time, among them the tĂȘte de.Natural hair care - tumblr, The tumblr to come to for natural hair advice, tips, photos, ideas, and anything else you can think of feel free to make submissions of you, your natural hair and.Comixology unbound, Comixology: bloodshot . a former soldier with powers of regeneration and meta-morphing made possible through nanites injected into his blood. after having his memory.Wikihow, Wikihow is proud to be part of’s launch in malawi, giving people on the tnm and airtel malawi networks access to free basic internet services..

Poison Ivy

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the shirt sleeves | Tumblr

The shirt sleeves | Tumblr | Read Sources

Sorority Bid Day

Sorority Bid Day | Read Sources

Alpha Phi Sorority Girls

Alpha Phi Sorority Girls | Read SourcesTri Delta Throw What You Know
Tri Delta Throw What You Know | Read Sources

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