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Tumblr - lorna-ka, Anonymous: hey lorna-ka! i really love your artwork! especially your tmnt and mass effect stuff ^_^ any who, it was recently my birthday and i got some money saved up.
Neuroscience, Filed under seasonal affective disorder sad raphe nuclei serotonin melatonin neuroscience science. 161 notes. may 15, 2015 carrot or stick? punishments may guide.
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High Messy Bun
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Nigalkins, Newsea lola retexture/edit by nigalkins. download normal length [mediafire] download shorter length [mediafire] this is two edits of newsea’s lola hairstyle that.Eclipse sims, These are some previews of a sims 4 hairstyle i’m working on. this is the first hair mesh i’ve tried doing in years, plus the very first time i’ve attempted.Alexandra' simblr, Curved bob - ts4 new mesh. update ***please read*** there’s a bit of a glitch with this mesh, when you extend the ears on your sims all the way out the hair sticks.Sanitee. - coronaplease, Addicted to vindictus. and breaking games since beta. future content | vindictus .gifs.

Kendall Jenner Braids

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Joey Graceffa

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Harry Styles and Perrie Edwards

Harry Styles and Perrie Edwards | Read Sources

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